On Humility: Are Filipinos humble for the right reasons?

Humility. Pagpapakumbaba in Tagalog. Such a long word for something that is supposed to signify being “humble”. It has always baffled me the way majority of Pinoys seem to define the word “humility”. The more traditional definition of humility is learning to lower one’s self in society. It means putting others ahead of oneself even if one is […]

Ang Kakulangan ng Respeto sa Lipunang Pilipino

This is a translation and expansion of this previous article… Hindi na talaga kagulat-gulat kung maraming ibang lahi na walang respeto para sa mga Pilipino. Kung hindi ninyo nakakalimutan, sa bansa ng Greece, ang tingin lang sa atin nila doon ay mga katulong tayo. Hindi rin natin maitatanggi na merong mga bansa na ang tingin lang […]

Pinoys Really Need to Learn the Meaning of Respect

Once, while sitting down with a young friend, I was asked why other nationalities have so little respect for Filipinos. He went on to note how sad he was that the Philippines has become a laughing stock of the international community. Foreigners only see Filipinos as either thieves or whores and won’t accept a person’s […]

The hollowness and hypocrisy with which Filipinos regard foreign entities

Fact is, the Philippines is tremendously dependent on foreign entities to prop itself up. Not only do Filipinos rely on importing foreign goods into the country, they have a constant need to seek validation from foreign entities that they have good qualities. Up to a certain point, Filipinos could be excused for saying that as […]

Dinner At McDonalds With Jarheads: What Filipinos need to understand about respect

This article is written in tribute to Fallen Angel’s latest article as well as this old article by Benign0… “U.S. Marine” or “U.S. Military”, what do those words mean to most of us? For the typical Pinoy at least, those words either refer to a group of soldiers or military men who are probably some […]

Appreciating the Silence: A Lost Art in the Philippines

I was never a big fan of Holy Week and its festivities. Being raised Christian, I was always told by my mother to learn to appreciate the silence during Good Friday and Black Saturday. When I grew up, I called bullshit on the idea and decided that it was probably just my mom finding a […]

Authority Figures in the Philippines And Why They Fail to Make Positive Changes

After a lot of observation regarding the typical behavior of higher-up Pinoys, I have come to realize that an education doesn’t always equal intelligence or maturity. On the contrary, an ill-gotten education (one that has been gained through personal favors or bribes) does more harm to a person than good. It goes without saying that being […]

Power and authority misuse in the micro level: Building block of cultural dysfunction

Some time a few weeks ago I got into a heated argument with a FX driver going the MRT North Station route. I was transferred to the graveyard shift and I was aware that despite the popularity of the late shift—thanks in no small part to the call center industry—most of your co-passengers will most […]