Duterte has won Filipinos so much respect that the Yellows can no longer hope for reelection

The recent media attention on the APEC and ASEAN summits has been a welcome reprieve from all the relentless energy- and time-wasting Senate investigations and hearings that front-page-hungry grandstanding lawmakers and politicians have been battering us with all year round. At least we get a break to see our president with the biggest who’s who […]

What has become of respect in Filipino society?

Is it just me, or is there something iffy with the way respect and politeness have evolved in the Philippines? Respect and politeness are shown through both speech and actions. First off, let’s examine respectful and polite speech in the Philippines. Just to bring everyone up to speed, in Filipino/Tagalog, the so-called “national language”, the […]

Original Sin And What It May Mean For Filipinos…

As the presidential election continues to get closer and closer, I write this article to give Filipinos a good idea on what I think is genuinely wrong with the country… What’s somewhat disappointing among Pinoys is that we tend to focus too much on individuals and their many wrongdoings rather than what actually pushes them […]

3 Rules Of Chivalry In The Modern Age

I’m writing this article in response to the recent incident where a woman bashed a guy over the internet because he didn’t give her his seat when they were on a train. Now the woman did apologize later on which I think was good on her but I don’t think this is the only time […]

How Our Lack Of Respect For One Another Prevents Any Kind Of Progress

One of the saddest things in our society today is our inability to respect one another as fellow countrymen. It’s both more than a little depressing and somewhat foreboding that we can’t put aside one another’s differences for the sake of unity. While it may seem cheesy to a lot of you, the idea that […]

‘A Second Chance’ is a pointless concept in a nation where divorce is illegal

Do Filipino married couples deserve “A Second Chance”? According to Philippine law, it’s a pointless question — because divorce is illegal in the Philippines. What then are Filipino couples’ options? Nothing, actually. Filipinos must make their marriages work come hell or high water — because marriage failure is not an option under Philippine law. If […]

Why Filipinos should complain about inconveniences caused by #APEC2015

Horror traffic gridlock stories juxtaposed with VIP lanes through which APEC bigwigs zip by smoothly have been flooding social media timelines over the last couple of days. Accompanying the images, memes, and footage depicting this horror are ordinary Filipinos’ complaints. And they are pouring in by the bucket loads. The key argument used by people […]

Filipinos welcome Australia’s Telstra like Jesus’s second coming!

I switched my entire household’s telecommunication needs to Telstra back in 2007. Today we enjoy about 300 GB of home internet data piped in by cable (not DSL) that is channeled to all our computing and home entertainment devices using a WiFI router provided as part of the package. We also have several mobile devices […]