Pinoys Are Unhappy Because Of Unrealistic Expectations

They say that Filipinos are a happy people. Well, I’m going to call bullshit on that because honestly, they may smile but the smile is either them pretending to be okay or worse, a sign of their own delusion. Their own way of convincing themselves that their problems will just solve themselves. To be honest, the […]

Denial Syndrome: The Biggest Filipino Big Problem

The Philippines has always been saddled with many problems ever since its inception. Of course, just about every country does after all. However, it becomes more than a little frustrating when so few of our problems have been addressed let alone solve. True enough, modern technology has come to the Philippines in full force, helping […]

Pinoy ‘Positive Thinking’ and How It Prevents Positive Change

Everyone these days is blabbing about “positive thinking” as if it’s a new religion of some kind. Well, I guess for some it already is a religion and one that they believe can have beneficial impacts on their lives. I even had a friend who recommended the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, saying that […]

In these challenging times, it really helps that the Philippines is like a cockroach

How can the Philippines continue to function over the remaining two years until President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III steps down after the completion of his term in 2016? In the last two years, Congress has limped along under the weight of overwhelming public distrust. And now that a presidential slush fund that is the […]

If Filipinos can’t produce results, the least they can come up with is DIRECTION

The din of chatter and news releases about this and that crime suspect, presidential candidate, disaster relief effort, international territory dispute, plus the loud non-stop melodramatic rationalisations issued by a who’s-who of crooked politicians and their lackeys is so loud and pervasive that you could be forgiven for thinking that the Philippines is a hive […]

The Over-Hyping of Filipino “Resilience”

After Anderson Cooper made a controversial report which highlighted how slow help was coming, he subsequently made a more patronizing message wherein he praised Filipino resilience after Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. It was like a sort of make-up for the first video. He probably realized he had irked a hypersensitive people, so he decided to make another […]

Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle should just shut up about the Yolanda victims

Recall the monstrous earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan back in 2011 causing untold death and suffering there. The stoicism and quiet grace with which the Japanese greeted the unimaginable destruction and loss of life, mobilised its forces to assess and respond, and reached out to the global community to receive assistance speaks volumes […]

Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) aftermath: How are Filipinos coping?

What might be the true full extent of the devastation wreaked by super-typhoon Haiyan (code-named “Yolanda”) has been revealed in recent reports from “a Red Cross” official who quoted horrific numbers that dwarf initial death toll estimates… “We estimate 1,000 people were killed in Tacloban and 200 in Samar province,” Gwendolyn Pang, secretary general of […]