I Don’t Remember Cory Aquino

A friend of mine had shown me a post on the ABS-CBN Facebook site. It read “Cory Aquino. Democracy icon. How do you #RememberCoryAquino?” I was half expecting people who would leave comments there to still shower praises upon the former president and icon of the People Power Revolution here in the Philippines. And like […]

ABS-CBN Facebook post #RememberCoryAquino backfires: slammed by commentators weary of ‘people power’ rhetoric

A colleague of mine had the presence of mind to take a big screen capture of the epic response to ABS-CBN News’s legendary update “Cory Aquino. Democracy icon. How do you #RememberCoryAquino?” posted on its Facebook page late last night — in case it was deleted. I thought for a while that it had been […]