Liar’s poker #FamousSinungalingLines

Been seeing this hashtag (which literally means “famous lying lines”) on Twitter and even on Facebook lately. How timely! These are days marked by much lying. In politics, specially. But we won’t go into that. Lying in politics, after all, is such a banality. It’s a wonder people still go out and vote. Filipino voters […]

Seinfeld almost invented ‘friends with benefits’ in 1991!

Last night I watched a really hilarious episode of Seinfeld titled “The Deal”. The episode is really old. According to Wikipedia it was first aired way back in May 1991. The whole half hour of that episode centered around Seinfeld and Elaine experimenting with what we now call being “friends with benefits” (FWB). The really […]

Should Janine Tugonon make up with Jaypee Santos?

So what’s the verdict guys and gals? Miss Universe runner-up Janine Tugonon, says it was really just an innocent exchange of Twitter direct messages (DMs) between her and Danny O’Donoghue (singer in Irish band The Script). Boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) Jaypee Santos didn’t think so. From his point of view, the mere act of communicating with […]

You snooze you lose when it comes to controlling your inner emo

What do you do when one part of your mind tells you “this is all so wrong…” and another part of it says “…but it feels so right”?? We’ve all likely been in at least one relationship where, at an intellectual level, all the alarm bells just keep ringing throughout. Heck, I was in one […]

Why we fall for the charms of psychopaths and narcissists

Many of us have been wondering about the appeal of those morose characters in the Twilight series of movies. For that matter, I’ve often wondered what is the allure behind vampires? Not only have the mythology of vampires been behind the success of the Twilight films, they seem to have endured as cultural artefacts since […]

Why do many women go for cheating men?

Frankly, I don’t understand women who remain with cheating partners. I have a few female friends who remain in relationships with known palikeros (philanderers). They are quick to get their claws out at women who stray too close to their precious hubbies or boyfriends, or hang on more tightly to them when someone perceived to […]