Did Smartmatic help the Liberal Party rig the 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections?

Who would have thought that the late former ambassador Roy Señeres, who withdrew from the presidential race shortly before his death last February would affect the Presidential Elections conducted on the 9th of May? It seems dead people have a way of “influencing” Philippine politics. We all know that incumbent President Benigno Simeon Aquino only got […]

Grace Padaca’s indebtedness to Noynoy Aquino could compromise Comelec’s independence

The new Commissions on Elections Commissioner, Grace Padaca has reportedly asked “the Sandiganbayan to junk the graft and malversation cases filed against her, saying her position in government has vested her with immunity from such suit.” Well, well, well. Who is Padaca trying to fool? It seems she is playing a trick on peoples’ memories. […]