Migrate. Now. How government inefficiency in the Philippines chokes entrepreneurship

I loved our country and once said I’d never leave it, even though it was corrupt and all. I mean, things are just the way they are, right? Right. So, if the-way-things-are directly means extremely heavy taxes, stooping down your own morality, and cheering by as the local politician runs for office again and again, […]

Was the EDSA ‘gun poking incident’ solved only because it was in the spotlight?

So the mysterious EDSA “gun poking incident” is finally solved. The incident which was caught on camera and went viral over social media involved eight police officers from the La Loma Police Station in Quezon City. The Inquirer reports… Arrested were commissioned Quezon City Police District (QCPD) ‎officers Chief Inspector Joseph de Vera and Senior […]

Is Kris Aquino dating QC Mayor Herbert Bautista?

At the very least, this much her ex James Yap knows: their son Bimby says his mom is “dating a politician”. Reports James: “Last Friday nagkita kami ng anak ko, siya na nagsabi sa akin mismo kung sino. Politician. Tapos sabi sa akin ni Bimby, ‘Joke lang.’ After namin magswimming, sinabi sa akin ni Bimby […]

Were the ‘victims’ of the San Roque, Agham demolition legal residents or just a bunch of squatters?

Nowhere in the incident reports issued by commie publication Bulatlat did information surrounding the legality of the demolition victims’ residency in the area come up. The only piece of information remotely pertaining to some semblance of legal argument in the report was around a “notice of demolition” that supposedly expired several months ago. According to […]

Is government responsible for the safety of citizens residing in earthquake-prone zones?

Is there really such a thing as government absolving itself of any responsibility for the well-being of its citizens in the event of a disaster? Apparently there is such a notion if we are to believe Quezon City public order and safety head Elmo San Diego. According to San Diego, residents of the posh subdivisions […]

The Quezon City Squatter Tax can be offset by a tax on pagpag

I read recently that the city government of Quezon City is set to levy an additional tax on property located within its administrative jurisdiction on top of whatever taxes are already being paid by their owners. So aside from the property taxes being collected from the landed gentry of this fine city, the Quezon City […]