Are ‘survey’ firms SWS and Pulse Asia fighting dirty to save their credibility in time for the elections?

In times of election people work up an appetite for “statistics” on how the candidates they support are faring in what is essentially a popularity contest. The two dominant survey firms who meet this demand for numbers are SWS and Pulse Asia. The numbers collected in supposedly “scientifically” conducted “surveys” on which candidate is favoured […]

Have some crack news this Christmas!

In the midst of Manny Pacquiao’s surprise defeat at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez, and overrated pop-star Justin Bieber’s persecution from aggravated Filipinos for making fun of The People’s Champ’s loss, which by the way actually warranted a suggestion from a certain lawmaker to have him banned from holding concerts in this wretched country, […]

The prosecution’s violations should compel the senators to call for a mistrial

The impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona goes on a break for five weeks for the Lenten season. You have to wonder why the Senate cannot even be flexible enough to delay the schedule of their regular hiatus considering the country is gripped with a matter that is of utmost importance that does not […]

On the lameness of the ‘apology’ of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

And we wonder why — no, we lament that — there is such an astounding culture of impunity in the Philippines. It is because for the trouble of acceding to an invitation to speak the truth before a panel of men in scarlet robes, private citizens cop ridicule from an institution we’ve for so long […]