Mental health awareness in the Philippines

There was news about an apparent suicide floating around the office the past week. A relatively healthy employee, dead at thirty. It would have been more shocking had this instance been the victim’s first attempt but I believe it wasn’t. According to people who knew him well this was the third and, unfortunately, successful time […]

Filipinos: Lost in a Web of Delusion

In my first meeting with my counselor, I was asked to write about how I really felt about myself. She told me to be honest with what I wrote and that I should put in even the small details that have some significance to me. I had some problems with recounting everything that happened but […]

Sociopathy in Authority Figures

Do you know someone who will use any means necessary to get what they want with little regard for everyone else? Do you know someone who believes that they are a notch above everyone else but lack the resources or capabilities to back this up? Do you know someone who is never willing to admit […]

Facebook users’ emotions controlled by manipulating newsfeed content

Facebook and other social media networks seem to have come of age. That is, like mainstream media corporations, they are now in a position to deliberately manipulate their audience’s emotions. The results of an experiment conducted on almost 700,000 Facebook users published on the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United […]

What Makes Filipinos the Perfect Slaves?

Most of us regular bloggers here attribute the problems of the Philippines to the country’s culture. For us, it’s too obvious. Our culture has customs and practices that make us do things that we better not do. Spend beyond our means, generate huge numbers of children, vote for who is popular despite their being poorly […]

Possible psych war being waged in SC as Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno snubbed anew by peers!

Just how long will newly-appointed Philippine Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno be able to maintain her trademark smile over the next 18 years she will be serving her post? The stresses of the job are piling on, which does not bode well for Sereno who, according to the supposed findings of a psychological […]

Why are mental health concerns constantly dogging the administration of President Noynoy Aquino?

Why is it that issues of mental health and emotional maturity seem to stick to the Yellow camp of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III like a bad rash? During the the 2009-2010 presidential campaign, observations emerged around what increasingly seemed to be a cult-like following emerging around the Aquino camp composed of what many […]

Filipinos need to work on their ego

The Filipino mind is Philippine society’s greatest enemy. If you read Philippine publications, watch local talk shows on TV or even just peruse other popular collective Filipino blogsites, you can pretty much tell what the national preoccupation is about. The national preoccupation is centered on the Filipino ego. To be specific, it’s all about who […]