Insulted much? Talaga lang huh!

The viral issue at smacks of cultural ignorance on the publisher and on the educational system disseminating it. We are at an Age where Diversity is being embraced by the enlightened and I could have easily snapped back with this highly suggested “Widow” edit : “I am Chinese and my government is Asia’s bully, […]

Laguna Copperplate Inscriptio

Filipinas or Pilipinas? What is in a name?

Filipinas or Pilipinas? While this issue has kept the social media abuzz and has given the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) the attention they want, changing the name without the proper understanding of “What is in a name?” will promote nothing but another superficial change. The proposed name change is said to help invoke a […]

On Edsa People Power and the legacy of the Jabidah massacre

It’s been 27 years since the Edsa People Power, a time when we all hoped for the best. Where has that spirit gone? Has that “Proud to be a Filipino” tagline, gone beyond lip service? Has that popular mantra translated to a country where the rights of its citizens is upheld and its citizens know the […]