My Wish List For This Christmas

I’m putting this here just in case somebody out there might actually be listening… Dear Santa, I have been a very good boy this year so that means I can make a wish list that you are obliged to fulfill. If that’s the case, worry not because all you really have to do is fulfill […]

A Lament For OFWs

Just recently, one of my best friends has now moved to Singapore with his wife and hopes to make a decent living there as an engineer. My heart goes out to him and his wife and I hope that they have a prosperous life there together while raising their family. However, with everything that’s happened […]

And The Rape Of The Common Filipino By The Yellow Horde Continues…

Ladies and gentlemen, I remember writing an article using rape as a metaphor¬†which didn’t turn out too¬†well. I don’t think I can apologize enough to the people I’ve offended through my misuse of the term “rape”. Unfortunately, with what’s been happening lately, I think I have to use it again and, this time at least, […]

The myth of ‘inclusive growth’ in the Philippines and why GDP alone does not matter

Why is there no inclusive growth in the Philippines? The critical component and measurement which goes a long way in explaining why no progress is being made, and inclusive growth remains only the ‘in’ slogan/mantra of the year is the Poverty Elasticity of Growth or PEG (the multiplier effect of percent growth to percent poverty […]

Price Hikes Versus Wage Hikes?

Amidst the political turmoil that continually pervades our country, a strong and passionate plea reverberates among the mouths of the marginalized. Amidst the slums of the Philippines echoes the unswerving determination of the less-fortunate to assert what they want from the government, as shown by the series of protests conducted by advocacy groups across the […]

Counter-intuitive solutions to fixing the Philippine economy

I remain convinced that America’s immense creative and commercial energy will shine through whatever social order is imposed on it; much the same way as the might of Chinese entrepeneurial and industrial ethic managed to thrive in the repressive communist regime of the mainland as well as in even most the dysfunctional and corrupt governments […]

Being cluey about foreign capital

One of the key aspects of the Constitutional Reform agenda revolves around the proposal to open the Philippines to full foreign ownership of business assets and private property. It is a worthwhile option to explore as it has been known for quite some time how inept Filipinos are with creating capital indigenously and at keeping […]