Filipinos can only keep romanticizing about what Singapore has succeeded at DOING

The year 2015 was both a significant marker in the history of our Southeast Asian neighbor Singapore. It was the year of both the fiftieth anniversary of its founding as a nation (August 9), and the year Lee Kuan Yew (LKY), widely considered its founding father, died (March 23). Therefore, starting this year, 2016, Singapore […]

The one and only CORRECT SOLUTION to the profound dysfunction that hobbles Philippine society’s march to prosperity

[It is time we dug up and presented some of the most ancient scripture from GRP’s antiquity to demonstrate the unparalleled consistency and stability of the conceptual framework that underpins “getrealism”. GRP’s Solution Framework has withstood the test of time and remains the birghtest beacon of real hope in a society starved of insight to […]

An Easy New Year’s Resolution List for Da Pinoy

The Year 2012 has been a freaky year for all of us. The cacophony of calamities, social issues, economic struggles and the “End of the World” scares have made our lives become a little spiced up. To the unfortunate majority, these issues spell havoc. The lucky minority, on the other hand use these events to […]

Is prosperity with ‘no one left behind’ really possible?

I enjoyed reading a a blog post recently published in authored by a certain “bill” (quoted as it appears on the site — not capitalised). In his article, “reThinking Soriano“, “bill” makes an intriguing statement that got me thinking… So the question is not, “English or Filipino?” The question is how to live and […]