Addressing poverty from the ground up should be central issue in Philippine elections

The political mudslinging that is being amplified with gusto by headline news is good for the rating wars of media. It may be a whole class of unavoidable news they have to report. However, if the intent is the beguilement of the public to desensitize same to the real problems of the country, media is being stonyhearted […]

Boracay joins Baguio City on the road to concrete junglehood!

A certain Frank Hoefsmit, a Belgian from Antwerp residing in Manila, Philippine (according to his Facebook profile information) posted an aerial photo of Boracay Island on Facebook the other day showing the extent to which Boracay has been “developed” to attract even more tourists. Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 […]

Why London’s anti-homeless spikes are a great idea Filipinos should take note of

A public uproar has erupted over a photo of metal studs installed on floors at the entrance of luxury apartment buildings in London to deter homeless people from sleeping in these areas. No less than the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has reportedly joined the social media indignation frenzy condemning these fixtures as “ugly, self […]

Do Filipino Bootleg Gundam Supporters display Pinoy Dysfunction?

In a recent brouhaha that may be a microcosm of Filipino culture, some Filipino gunpla hobbyists cried foul over the statement of Katsumi Kawaguchi, head of Bandai’s hobby department. Someone tagged Kawaguchi in a picture featuring a knock-off product on Facebook. So he gave a response where he asked to not be tagged anymore in […]