News media LIED about Duterte’s plan to call Obama a son-of-a-bitch

Did Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte really plan to call US President Barrack Obama a “son of a bitch” when he meets with him in Laos this week for a regional summit? According to many “news” reports, he did — and Filipinos believed them. Unfortunately, the truth no longer resides in the work of corporate media […]

Bilang Pilipino SWS Mobile Survey an evil perversion of the science of Statistics!

I am a statistician. I am a graduate of the University of the Philippines School of Statistics. I do not approve of the methodology of the Bilang Pilipino SWS Mobile Survey. More importantly, I detest their use of Statistical methodologies to lend credence to their obviously flawed methodology. It obfuscates its lack of credibility by […]

On Mar Roxas Comic: Don’t Hate The Artist; Hate The Employer

The comic depicting presidential candidate Mar Roxas in Sa Gitna ng Unos (In the Middle of a Storm) has made quite a stir in a lot of his detractors. Truth be told, it was hoped that the comic would draw more voters to the Liberal Party (LP) faction but has, in fact, drawn even more detractors […]

5 Big Reasons Why President Aquino Will Never Be Able To Vilify Senator Marcos

It certainly seems that President Aquino is really worried about Senator Bongbong Marcos’s ever growing popularity. Indeed, according to some, Senator Marcos’ vice presidency is assured this coming election. Now, truth be told, it’s quite obvious that President Aquino is still stuck in the past and still eyes the Marcoses warily, thinking them responsible for […]

Beware of Violence-mongering Propaganda

Memes, picture messages and other viral content are popular on the Internet because of the fun they sometimes bring. But at other times, they can also be used for misinformation and propaganda. And the trouble is, people often don’t question them when they should. More than ever, the Right-Wing (or perhaps right-wing may not be […]

Filling the vacancy of President of the Philippines

When Human Resource (HR) Departments are trying to fill up a vacant position, they normally come out with a short list of qualifications. We are quite familiar with this. In a search for a technical sales job, for example, we normally see the following in an ad: male or female, 23 to 32 years old, […]

Addressing poverty from the ground up should be central issue in Philippine elections

The political mudslinging that is being amplified with gusto by headline news is good for the rating wars of media. It may be a whole class of unavoidable news they have to report. However, if the intent is the beguilement of the public to desensitize same to the real problems of the country, media is being stonyhearted […]

Make Money Quick with Religion

Psst… Hey! Yes you, the one reading this article right now. Are you interested in making some money? Of course you are. The cost of daily living can be quite taxing. Literally. So are you looking to make a quick buck? Don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of business scheme. It’s something much, much better! […]