Why it is ABSOLUTELY wrong for Filipino workers to expect tips

Tipping is a sad relic of American culture that Filipinos have embraced. Indeed, Filipino workers have gone further and perverted the concept by seeing tips as an entitlement rather than a mere pleasant surprise bonus from happy customers. Most disturbing of all is how “activists” encouraged people to tip workers on, of all occasions, labour […]

Trump and Duterte: The rise of hugely-popular demagogues in America and its Philippine colony

It is hardly surprising that demagogues have come to dominate national Americana politics on both sides of the globe. Funny enough, two such popular demagogues happen to be making waves on the East and West both in bastions of American values — in the United States itself where anti-immigrant Republican candidate Donald Trump is ruling […]

Filipinos need to get off the loser path and onto the road to real progress

How did the Philippines get to where it is now? It is a wretched society, unable to defend itself from foreign and natural threats, paralysed by its own enormous population, and staring at a future hobbled by a lack of the infrastructure to get it down the right road. Yet the country, over much of […]

Of debates on ‘kababawan’, ‘kayo na matalino’, and all-around Pinoy apathy

There’s a perverse type of pleasure people with a lot of time in their hands derive with simply prowling the endless frontiers of cyberspace in search of “worthy” causes as a platform to give people a piece of their valuable opinions on things. Or for some, just grabbing the popcorn and soda to simply sit […]

Superficiality vs. Substance: From The Eyes Of Singaporeans

Let me tell you a conversation I once had with my Singaporean friends. After all, we all like to believe that the Philippines can one day become as prosperous as Singapore. Both Ilda and Benign0 have already said their pieces about Singapore, so this is mine, or rather, what my Singaporean friends have to say. […]

How Filipinos See And Understand Hard Work

This article is a tribute more or less to one of Vladimir Santos’ latest articles and is just another look at another overused alleged value called “hard work” the same way I deconstructed the Pinoy concept of “humility“… So let’s start with a story, shall we? Once upon a time there was a farmer with […]

Let them eat cake: How much wretchedness can the Metro Manila commuter take until one says ‘enough’?

One good thing about being assigned in the graveyard shift in Metro Manila: The relative ease of commuting to work compared to the hapless regular shift employee facing the daily grind of both traffic in the major roads and the overworked and under-equipped MRT-3 train system traversing the EDSA thoroughfare that starts from the North […]

The Need To Shift Towards A Better Agriculture Sector In The Philippines: There Is No Time Like The Present

There shouldn’t be MORE farmers; there should be BETTER farmers. In a production function (in which agriculture is a good illustration), output can only go so high upon a certain increase in labor and capital (yes, even capital accumulation won’t cut it). After some point of increase in labor and/or capital, further increase would no […]