What Does It Mean To Be A Man In The Philippines?

After writing an article lamenting the loss of good men in the Philippines, I come to wonder just what it means to be a “man” in our dear country. Ilda in this article here is asking if indeed a good number of men in the Philippines are suffering from a case of narcissism. Based on a […]

Happiness without Pride is Possible… and Better

A lot of defenders of Pinoy Pride are insisting that pride is necessary for happiness. I believe this is based on a lot of misconceptions about happiness. Much of people’s concepts are being formed by popular culture. For example, the Pinoy Pride culture promotes boasting a fellow Filipino is a better boxer than another. If […]

Power, Pride, Typical Pinoys and What Results

In my previous article, I pointed out how pride and power doesn’t really mix that well with typical Pinoys. Now, in case you’re not convinced, I’m going to show you a few examples of just how this combination actually comes out: The Anti-Prophet The Anti-Prophet is the word I use to describe the people who, […]

Power, Pride and Typical Pinoys: A Disastrous Combination

After reading the Lord of the Rings and watching the film adaptations, one of the clearest messages of the franchise is how absolute power corrupts absolutely. While Smeagol, the halfling that would one day become the ghoulish creature known as Gollum, started off as an unpleasant but not inherently evil being, the One Ring and the power […]

Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Deadly Misinterpretations

Okay guys, I explained in a previous article how a lot of Pinoys get their values wrong. Now, let’s explore the opposite side of morality. Of course, being a predominantly “Christian” country, the idea of the seven deadly sins are shoved down our throats on a regular basis. Unfortunately, more often than not, a lot […]

Grimwald’s Inferno: My Take on Hell

Just before the year ended, my friends and I had a week of nothing but fun and tequila. During one of our sessions, I was asked about my take on religion. Being intoxicated at the time, I gave them my answer. For those who are curious, yes, I do hold religious beliefs. I am Roman […]

How to become a successful Filipino

A lot of Filipinos have an identity crisis. You can spot these sorts a mile away. They are the ones who shout out “I am proud to be Filipino!” as if they hold a monopoly over harbouring such a sentiment. It is usually in the way it is expressed and in the context and timing […]