Why Rodrigo Duterte should seize any available opportunity to meet Russian president Vladimir Putin

In the upcoming ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Summit in Laos, President Rodrigo Duterte has an opportunity to meet other heads of state. Reportedly, the prospect of meeting Russian president Vladimir Putin is something Duterte looks forward to: Duterte, after meeting repatriated overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal […]

The issue of “unity” under a Duterte presidency

A key insight during the recently concluded national elections emerged, and was pointed out by many on social media: Filipinos will be divided on whom to vote for, but they all agree on whom to vote against. The candidate for president who was, tough luck for him/her, voted against was none other than Mar Roxas, […]

Crushing Criminality: Duterte’s 6 Months vs Poe’s 1 Month

If 6 months to stop criminality was kind of a stretch for many of us, Grace Poe’s answer to the Duterte camp’s plan is that she can ensure our “feeling of security” in just a month. A woman of hardly any executive experience will attempt to outdo a public official who has been in the […]

Mar Roxas And People Like Him: Why I Think They Make Poor Leaders

Okay, I think something needs to be said now, considering what’s happening on a national scale. The thing is, I still believe in the idea of freedom and people have a right to choose what leaders they want. However, what I do not agree with is the way the media seems to cover up everything […]

An Argument for a Binay Presidency

So, my former boss and good friend Ferdie were drinking beer last night at Eton Centris when talk eventually came around to the supposed inevitability of a Binay Presidency. One argument that is going around is that all candidates for the presidency are corrupt in one way or the other. That being the case, it […]

Who the next president of the Philippines should be

It’s election season again. So, as expected, a lot of people ask us who we think should be president. Personally I think that is a rude question. Ballots are cast in secret for a reason — because who one votes for is none of anyone else’s business. To be fair, good manners are really not […]

Business 101: Stop wasting your breath BEGGING the ‘best and brightest’ to stay

Take stock of the current political landscape today and one stark reality jumps out of the picture: There is no one great leader who stands out as one who possesses a coherent enough strategic vision for the Philippines. Instead of true leaders and statesmen all we have is more of the usual bozos: politicians. Filipino […]

Kris Aquino pays top tax dollar in the spirit of Daang Matuwid!

Funny the way presidential sister and Queen of All Philippine Media Kris Aquino comes into the fore whenever Filipino pep for the “right” people needs to be pump primed. Most recently the buzz is her emerging as “top Filipino taxpayer” paying a whopping (by Philippine standards) 49.87 million pesos (USD1.2 million) to the Philippine government. […]