Another ‘prayer rally’ proves again the irrelevance and hopelessness of the Opposition

Yet another “prayer rally”, and Filipinos add more proof of how primitive their politics is. What exactly does a “prayer rally” achieve? This latest one today, the 5th November 2017 to be held at the EDSA Shrine is being pitched in an Inquirer report as one that will harbour “no politics, just prayers for healing”. […]

Filipinos should be happy that God told Duterte to stop swearing

So did God speak to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte? Maybe he did, and maybe he didn’t. What is the point in being fixated on a personal matter between a man and his god? Filipinos, after all, like to think they maintain a “personal” relationship with one god or another. Is Duterte any different from the […]

The Problem With Pinoy Religiosity

To be honest, I was just going to make this a comment to Midway Haven’s latest article about spirituality in the Philippines. However, I decided to make it a full-on article because I have points to share that really need to be addressed to our society. The thing is, while I myself hold religious beliefs […]

A Deadly Cocktail of Religion and Politics in the Philippines

The Philippines is a nation of people who would describe themselves as “God fearing”; where their lives revolve around entrusting everything to God. 80% of the population consists of Roman Catholics. This is also a nation where the phrase “malling” exists as a hobby since Filipinos just love to spend their spare time hanging out in […]

Demanding Change Without Changing Oneself Won’t Change Anything

First, let’s begin with a story from my 4th grade teacher… There was this kid who saw how bad and ugly the world was and prayed: “Lord, please change the world so that everyone can be happy!” Unfortunately, nothing happened. When the kid became a teen, he saw how terrible the state of his country was so he […]

#PrayForThePhilippines! Rodrigo Duterte may become president and the #WestValleyFault may strike soon!

We all want to be scientific in the way we make our life’s decisions, right? So do the maths. On your way to work, what are the chances of you being killed by a goon of a dictator? Whether it be during the reign of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos or the prospective rule of […]

Filipinos’ habitual cry: ‘SAVE ME!’

Save Mary Jane Veloso! Save Baguio City! Save the Pasig River! Save Boracay! It’s pathetic. Filipinos are always looking for a higher or wealthier power to “save” their wretched lot. The pattern has been set and the consistency now world-renowned. After abject neglect, wanton partying or sitting on their asses for years, or all of […]

Why did God flatten Nepal with an earthquake?

If we are to believe that his will be done in the supposedly mysterious ways that he works, there is a reason why God unleashed an earthquake in Nepal and, before that, Haiyan upon the Philippines. Unlike Adolf Hitler who, himself, had what he believed to be a perfectly rational reason behind his project to […]