Word Power (Not People Power) is the Cure to Filipino Dysfunction

Language is one of the most basic elements that define a culture or nation. For many countries, it is the unifying factor of their people and the key distinctive that sets them apart from other societies around them. Much has been discussed and even debated on the Philippine’s pursuit and cultivation of a national language. […]

Can Iron-fisted Leadership Turn the Philippines into a Major World Power?

Flipping through the pages of world history, we can in fascination observe how the great empires of the past have in their heydays taken turns standing on the world’s pedestal, with the fall of one succeeded by the rise of another: from the ancient times with Egypt, Babylon (Iraq), Persia (Iran), Greece, & Rome, and […]

A Sunday Rant: Things That Matter In Life

Okay ladies and gentlemen, it’s Sunday again so time for another sermon! After your misbehavior towards the Chinese after the tragedy that befell them, I thought that it was time again for you to get another values education lesson. Oh and don’t worry, this one is fairly secular so even our non-Catholic readers can probably […]

Power, Pride, Typical Pinoys and What Results

In my previous article, I pointed out how pride and power doesn’t really mix that well with typical Pinoys. Now, in case you’re not convinced, I’m going to show you a few examples of just how this combination actually comes out: The Anti-Prophet The Anti-Prophet is the word I use to describe the people who, […]

Power, Pride and Typical Pinoys: A Disastrous Combination

After reading the Lord of the Rings and watching the film adaptations, one of the clearest messages of the franchise is how absolute power corrupts absolutely. While Smeagol, the halfling that would one day become the ghoulish creature known as Gollum, started off as an unpleasant but not inherently evil being, the One Ring and the power […]

Power and authority misuse in the micro level: Building block of cultural dysfunction

Some time a few weeks ago I got into a heated argument with a FX driver going the MRT North Station route. I was transferred to the graveyard shift and I was aware that despite the popularity of the late shift—thanks in no small part to the call center industry—most of your co-passengers will most […]

How modern governance, technology and commerce masks the continued impunity of the powerful

Eat my shorts. Quintessentially Bart Simpson and a brilliant encapsulation of all that makes absolute power so delicious and such a worthwhile goal to pursue. Telling somebody to “eat my shorts” is sweet, because it is such a succinct way of telling someone You can whine all you want, but I can pretty much do […]