On The ‘Palamunin’ (Moocher) Attitude Of Pinoys

“I reckon that if you don’t learn to feed yourself and rely only on others to spoonfeed you, some people will start feeding you crap and you’d be none the wiser!” ~Grimwald’s Gandmother 25 years ago Hi everyone, I’m Thaddeus Morvacle Grimwald and I was once a spoiled brat. There, I admitted it. See, almost thirty […]

At last! Roman Catholic Church taken to task for keeping Filipinos poor

The Philippines’ once-powerful Roman Catholic Church has finally met its match. For starters, it chose to be on the wrong side of history during the campaign in the lead up to the May 2016 elections. Back on the 1st of May this year, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) issued a statement condemning […]

Elysium: A Movie About Two Worlds

Philippine society, as we all know, is very divisive. Indeed, it’s mostly our divisiveness that’s making our country so dysfunctional in the first place. I mean sure, we all have our differences, but I have to ask: Do we really have to take our differences so far? Must we really get to the point where […]

3 SELFish Aspects Of Pinoy Culture That Prevent Progress

Ladies and gentlemen, before I begin another scathing article, let me tell you that just about two or three years ago, I was afflicted with just about the same amount of selfishness as some of our most hated politicians of the LP today. Indeed, I’m willing to admit that back then, I was every bit […]

Breaking Free from Poverty: A Politician-Independent Approach

If you had the liberty to choose which country or race you would be born into, would you choose the Philippines? I’d figure most Filipinos would readily dish out the name of a first-world country like Germany, Japan, Korea, or the United States, nations that have something to be intrinsically proud of, in stark contrast […]

A Moment Of Silence For A Dead Anonymous Dolphin…

I’ve already written an article similar to this but I’m putting this up again because some of us really need to know what’s happening in our sad little country. Just to refresh your memory, here’s the video in question again so you’ll have a better idea why I’m really upset right now. Apparently, a rare […]

Bakit Nga Ba Walang Respeto Sa Kalikasan Ang Mga “Modernong Pilipino”?

Hay naku, heto na naman, nagta-Tagalog na naman ako. Sa totoo lang kaya ko lang naman napiling mag-Tagalog ngayon ay dahil kailangan kong ilinaw ng maigi ang mga kailangan kong sabihin. Gusto ko itong i-Tagalog para wala kayong dahilan para sabihing: “Hindi namin maintindihan dahil English!” Alam niyo kasi iyan ang hirap sa inyo e. […]

Mar Roxas’s campaign promises NOTHING to the Filipino people

Generations of Filipino politicians have paid lip service to the idea that Filipinos deserve an egalitarian society and that the it is unjust that vast wealth be in the hands of so few. It has become a template campaign promise during election season for politicians to issue promises to “eliminate poverty” and dismantle the monopoly […]