Population control? Education? Infrastructure? Let us get our priorities straight!

My previous article regarding the potential high cost of free college education has elicited interesting reactions from readers. Some readers have argued that free college, much like free contraceptives, is a good investment by the government that would lead to economic improvement in the Philippines. In support of the argument, some have blamed the high […]

Living in bubbles – pop goes the Philippines!

Among the talking points currently on the plates of the pundits here in the Philippines is the article published on Forbes by Jesse Colombo. He describes himself as “an economic analyst and anti-economic bubble activist who was recognized by the London Times for predicting the Global Financial Crisis. I am currently warning about growing bubbles […]

How Filipinos can relate their own lives to the Superman universe

Reboots, it seems, are some of the in things these days when it comes to what Hollywood has on its plate. It has been done with Spiderman, Batman, and now Superman. The latest picture, Man of Steel, has just recently come out and is now showing in Philippine cinemas. A lot of us are familiar […]

RA 10354 — a product mangled by Pinoy-style discourse

Droll, unintelligent, petty, and pathetic – these words describe the “debate” that has surrounded the discussion of the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill), the passing through both houses of Congress and its eventual signing into law as RA 10354. The whole point of the exercise was to implement some sort of semblance of population control. […]