Climate change activism: mere farts in the wind

Another United Nations (UN) climate summit, another bunch of promises. Has the UN really been an effective body in efforts to mitigate the worst of humanity’s many scourges that Planet Earth suffers? Considering that China is, today, the single biggest producer of “greenhouse gases”, the role the UN plays in an effort to curb emissions […]

Traffic has sentenced every Metro Manila resident to prison time befitting murderers

The mounting desperation of the average Metro Manila commuter is becoming so palpable you can taste it in the air every morning when you come out the door of your home and face the hard slog to work. It is utterly depressing to face a day where the first thing you will be experiencing is […]

The persistent myth of economic growth

Development in understanding in recent years is making real limits on growth a lot more palpable since it is becoming quite evident that our approach to measuring economic value and the costs of acquiring said “value” (i.e. our monetary system) is woefully incomplete. Yet economic growth remains the be-all-end-all that pervades every aspect of human […]

China ‘outsourced’ air pollution now reaching US mainland

America’s decades-long orgy of “outsourcing” its irreplaceable manufacturing might to China is now coming back to bite. Pollution dumped into the atmosphere by China’s growing carpet of factory smokestacks is now reaching the United States’ mainland according to a US National Academy of Sciences study. “We’ve outsourced our manufacturing and much of our pollution, but […]

Singapore haze: Airborne waste from slash-and-burn agriculture descends upon the wealthy enclave

Singapore — resource-poor and dependent on services, exports, and tourists — is reeling from the effects of smog reportedly coming mainly from waste being burned in Indonesia’s palm plantations. For days, a haze has blanketed the prosperous city-state and the “smell of burning wood” has seeped into buildings making residents’ efforts to avoid its effects […]

It’s so hot in the colonies!

Hot weather. It’s the scourge of the Manila lifestyle. It’s hard to lead a cosmopolitan lifestyle in a city like Manila where a noxious corrosive mixture of soot and moisture hangs heavy in the air day and night. Spending just ten minutes outdoors makes you feel like you’ve already had a full-day’s work. And that […]

The Truth Is… The Pinoy Masa Loves Ugly Things and Uncivilized Surroundings

Thinking about how Baguio City was originally planned by Daniel Hudson Burnham and then considering how ugly it looks today has convinced me that although most Filipinos look like they no longer live in the jungle, they still pretty much behave as jungle dwellers. This is pretty much reflected in the way Baguio City or […]

Are the obvious solutions to the Philippines’ problems feasible?

I keep reading about people proposing sensible and obvious things to combat the biggest problems we face today, like controlling (and maybe even reducing) population, reducing carbon emissions, and voting for the best leader. All sounds like the ‘intelligent’ things to do, don’t they? But all that is just asking too much when you consider […]