The Filipino people are on trial, not just the Chief Justice

The Filipino people are at a crossroads in their political lives. The impeachment trial of Chief Justice (CJ) Corona will resume on March 12, which gives us time to think how we have gotten to this point. GRP personified benign0 gives us an idea here. Let us recall what has happened in the last two […]

Gloria’s Schizophrenic Economy

Because the job performance, leadership, and general behavior of the current President is so appalling I think those of us who make a hobby or an actual living of punditry tend to forget that there was a time, not really all that long ago, when his predecessor was every bit the inspirational target for scathing […]

A Dictatorship of Your Own Making

If you search the Internet for a definition of a dictatorship you will find a variety of opinions, but they all seem to agree on certain basic characteristics: Single-party rule. We tend to identify “dictators” as individuals, but historically dictators have always been the spear-tips for powerful organizations. Justification of abuses. Dictatorships must always have […]

I Don’t Like President Aquino

I’ve seen more than enough. I’m passing my judgment. I don’t like President Aquino. But that is actually secondary to the point I want to make here, so bear with me as I attempt to find a straightforward way to explain it. For an outsider like me, comparisons between the country of my birth and […]