Social media for social change? Think again, Philippines

The more I hear people say that social media is going to be a “game-changer” for social good, or however they want to say it, the more I get convinced that it’s actually not going to happen. Social media is commonly delineated in scope to refer to Facebook, Twitter and in some cases Youtube, no […]

Shock activism! Have Filipino ‘activists’ become the very politicians they presume to criticize?

It seems when things happen to be convenient for us, we are willing to lower the bar of the standards of decency we apply and the principles we presume to pontificate about. Recall how jeepneys were once regarded as “ingenious” quick solutions to what at the time was a grossly-misunderstood issue of mobility in a […]

Success is relative in Philippine politics

What’s the big deal with political dynasties? Why try to legislate their existence from the face of Philippine politics? That’s the same as trying to pass a law banning bad manners. Try that and ninety five percent of Filipinos will end up in jail. You wonder why such ironies as hate campaigns against political dynasties […]