Youth Party-list Representative Raymond Palatino Doesn’t Have a Prayer

So Youth Party-list Representative Raymond Palatino introduced a bill banning religious ceremonies and symbols in government buildings and institutions. Palatino states that his bill: “…just wants to implement the constitutional provision on freedom of religion where the state should remain neutral and cannot favor any religion. There should be no state-sanctioned religious ceremonies”. Supporters of […]

Pornography – the more entertaining alter-ego of religion

From a burst of Twitter exchanges Yours Truly (@benign0 on Twitter) had in the last 24 hours with Arnel Endrinal (@LeadPhilippines on Twitter), top political radio jock on his radio show Sentro ng Katotohanan which airs 8.30-9.30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays on DWBL 1242 KHz (AM Band, Philippines), I’ve recently acquired even more insight on the […]

Roman Catholicism’s promise: Nothing in life and everything in death

In his recent PhilStar colmumn How Catholic Talibans stormed the CCP, William Esposo lamented “the terrifying emergence of a Catholic Taliban who threatens to destroy the very foundations of our Christian morality.” Indeed, it is happening. On the Visayan Daily Star, Nida Buenafe writes about how parishes in Bacolod are unreservedly demonising artist Mideo Cruz […]

Let’s ask Eric Manalang: Would an all-powerful infinite god find offense in Mideo Cruz’s work ‘Poleteismo’?

If you are a scientist, have some semblance of a background in science, or even just simply listened to your high school physics teacher and understood what she said, you’d be able to wrap your head around the single biggest point I make in a comment I posted on Get Real Post the other night: […]

Shutdown of the CCP ‘KULÔ’ exhibit proves the point Mideo Cruz makes in ‘Poleteismo’

Seems to me artist Mideo Cruz succeeded in proving the point he wanted to make in his collage Poleteismo which was exhibited along with other works in the main gallery of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. In Poleteismo, Cruz depicted through a collection of images and artifacts representing celebrities, religious icons, and public personalities […]