Grace Poe at odds with SC judges and losing mandate even before 2016 elections

While reading the news about media’s favorite candidates for the 2016 Philippine Presidential elections, I cannot help but think that it seems the immediate future is not looking good for Filipinos at all. It looks like the tradition of holding a circus during a national election is going to continue. This time, there are so […]

It’s time for the Philippines to be ruled with discipline and intelligence!

Filipinos are coming to terms with the political reality underlying the presidential race today. Following the EDSA “revolution” in 1986, the pendulum had swung too far out the side of ultra-representative “democracy” in the Philippines. As a result, the deeply disturbing reality of the true nature of the way Filipinos have squandered their “freedom” has […]

Mar Roxas sells ‘competence’ and ‘experience’ to an electorate long-conditioned to vote Stupid

Election “activists” are now calling for Filipinos to vote for candidates who are “honest”, “competent”, and “experienced”. Specifically most of these calls come from supporters of Liberal Party presidential candidate Mar Roxas — the “anointed” successor to current Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. Calling for those virtues and then dropping Roxas’s name is […]

Is there really any point in holding a presidential debate in the Philippines?

First of all, Filipino voters do not appreciate debates. They appreciate dance and singing numbers and seeing politicians mouth off the latest trending catchphrases. But when it comes to things that require thinking, guess what: Nosebleed! Indeed, if there is a national “debate” of consequence, it is happening only within a small clique of “politically […]

5 Things Mar Roxas Has To Learn If He Really Wants To Become A Presidentiable

Okay, truth be told, the more I see Mar Roxas and his desperate attempt to earn the people’s sympathy and favor, the more I want to roll around on the ground laughing. See, I think one of the biggest reasons why he’s not getting anywhere with his vain attempt at convincing the people he can […]

Filling the vacancy of President of the Philippines

When Human Resource (HR) Departments are trying to fill up a vacant position, they normally come out with a short list of qualifications. We are quite familiar with this. In a search for a technical sales job, for example, we normally see the following in an ad: male or female, 23 to 32 years old, […]

Is ‘Daang Matuwid’ (straight path) enough for the Philippines to catch up?

If we are to believe President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III and his minions, the Philippines’ only hope for a bright future is to continue the “reform” agenda set in motion by the current administration. But of course they will say that — because the current party in power — the Liberal Party — wants […]

The only intelligent challenge to politicians: Show us your PLATFORM. #PlatformPlez!

Former President Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada may not be the most credible politician in the Philippines, but at least he had this one right saying his decision to support politicians vying for the presidency in 2016 will depend on their platforms… “Kung sino ang nakikita kong maganda ang plataporma, ‘yun ang susuportahan ko sa huli. I […]