Filipinos need an Opposition focused on REAL issues and not on Mocha Uson

To be fair, once “Noted Blogger” Manuel L Quezon III stopped blogging (or at least desisted from politically-controversial writing) whilst he was an undersecretary during the administration of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. Much of what ails the communication machine of current President Rodrigo Duterte has to do with too many communication channels […]

Annoyance is a political platform: Why Inday Sara Duterte should run for a Senate seat

Inday Sara Duterte, daughter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, is in the running for a seat in the Philippine Senate according to recent surveys that put her within the “Magic 12” list of “winnable” contenders. She should take the shot. According to her, only annoyance for her father’s critics will be an incentive to run… […]

The Yellowtards are an annoying bunch of fake and obsolete Opposition leaders

Over the six-year rule of former Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, we at Get Real Post used to be continuously asked why we are so against Aquino. My personal response to that is that he represents everything that is wrong with the Filipino. This makes sense considering that — the mothership of […]

Mar Roxas’s campaign promises NOTHING to the Filipino people

Generations of Filipino politicians have paid lip service to the idea that Filipinos deserve an egalitarian society and that the it is unjust that vast wealth be in the hands of so few. It has become a template campaign promise during election season for politicians to issue promises to “eliminate poverty” and dismantle the monopoly […]

The one hurdle the Philippines needs to jump to catch up with the rest of southeast Asia

Whatever this or any other crop of politicians vying for the hallowed vote of the Filipino say, it is evident that the Philippines continues to fall further and further behind most measures of success. The standards are being set by its neighbours in the otherwise vibrant southeast Asian region. For one thing, the Philippines’ competitors […]

Philippine democracy can only work when mediocre thinking is eradicated

The famous mega-rich investor Warren Buffet once said: “Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.” That’s short for saying that everyone has an agenda and the last thing one should be doing is seeking advise from someone who happens to have the “perfect product” for you. As we begin the six-month homestretch to […]

3 Things That The “Fast Forward” Campaign Video Says About Mar Roxas

I’ve halved my bottle of whisky since I started and I’ve finished the entire¬†Human Centipede¬†trilogy but, unfortunately, I still can’t get the “Fast Forward” campaign video out of my head. My world has already begun to spin and blur but just about every detail of the accursed video stubbornly sticks to my memory. After finishing […]

Who Among the 2016 Candidates will Prioritize Climate Issues?

Clearly my most recent article hit a delicate nerve (or to put it colloquially, “aimed for the butthurt”), as revealed by the numerous replies left by visitors who took the time to skim through it. Most of the comments have only proven my point: instead of rebutting the various other points which I offered in […]