Why Filipinos Fail to Detect Satire

Many Filipinos fall victim to satire sites. I myself admittedly had been taken by a few, being unfamiliar with them. One recent article tries to analyze why most Filipinos are unable to understand or detect satire. The reason given is the lack of intellectualism that allows one to understand it. I agree this is one […]

Why The Words “Filipino” and “Porn” Go Together

This post builds on something I said in a post on my personal online journal, “PPP Is Really Pinoy Poverty Porn”¬†and recent news saying that the National Telecommunications Commission will soon be requiring ISPs to implement carrier grade monitoring programs in compliance with RA 9775 or the Philippine Anti-child pornography law. Formally defined, porn or […]

Does the Aquino admin support wrong notions of Pinoy Pride?

Back when I first hobnobbed with the current Get Real Philippines bloggers at the now defunct Filipino Voices, I agreed with them against voting B.S. Aquino, since I observed that his supporters subscribed to flawed populist beliefs, including that of Pinoy Pride. Those supporters still display the same attitude today. To again quote presidential spokesperson […]

American Idol in its Irrelevance Is Relevant To Us

“Don’t You Know That You Are A Shooting Star And All The World Will Love You Just As Long As You Are.” Bad Company “Shooting Star” . Another American Idol Season has come to an end and this one ends with gnashing of teeth by the local populace. Social networks filled with cries of racism […]