PNoy apologists desperate to discredit SC ruling that DAP is unconstitutional

Apologists of the now-criminalised Malacanang slush fund, the notorious Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) are regrouping and striking back. The arguments they present are two-phased: (1) Proposing that the Supreme Court may have been “wrong” in their ruling the DAP unconstitutional; and, (2) Citing a certain Chapter 5, Section 49 of the Administrative Code of 1987 […]

Does Manila Really Need A Slogan?

When it comes to changing things for the better, dilettantes masquerading as activists and self-professed experts will often prioritize creating superficial hype because of their profound lack of understanding and insight into what the real problems are. Case in point is Carlos Celdran and his brain-fart on Facebook where he proposes that “Manila needs a […]

The Latest Jaw-Dropping Stupidity from the Dept. of Tourism

Yesterday as I was browsing my Facebook wall, I followed a link posted by BlogWatch to a Philstar article about a plan by the Department of Tourism to launch a new ‘country brand’ next month. Since the last outcome of a DOT branding project was the catastrophically hilarious Pilipinas Kay Ganda, I found reason for […]