What is the right kind of Pinoy Pride?

A lot of people balked at my article “Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines.” They said, in effect, pride isn’t all that bad, and I’m cruel for saying it is! And if pride won’t save us, what will? I agree, there is a kind of pride that is good. But the most popular form […]

The one and only CORRECT SOLUTION to the profound dysfunction that hobbles Philippine society’s march to prosperity

[It is time we dug up and presented some of the most ancient scripture from GRP’s antiquity to demonstrate the unparalleled consistency and stability of the conceptual framework that underpins “getrealism”. GRP’s Solution Framework has withstood the test of time and remains the birghtest beacon of real hope in a society starved of insight to […]

Just Do It: An Exposition on the Question of the Virtue of Courage

There is no iota of doubt that one of the primordial characteristics that humanity value in a person is their virtue of courage. In Greek, the word is translated as Andrea; while the other English translation is: Fortitude. However, due to the greatness of the English language and the grandeur of the ancient Greek, today […]

Criminality is the sign of society’s moral decadence, social poverty and economic inequality

It has been quite some time now that the prevailing issues, hot topics and shocking headlines of our newspapers and the dominant talk of the town is the apparent and seeming rise of criminal statistics and the rampant commission of various crimes, specifically those of economic in nature and background. The root causes of crime […]

Health is Wealth: Growing Old with Grace

How to grow old with grace? Undeniably, ageing “is a physical phenomenon and is something that is inevitable”. Corollary to these natural process are the graying, wrinkles, drying of our skins and the loosening of body muscles. These are part and parcel of getting old. Indeed, old age and the process of growing old should […]

Virtue and Wisdom are the True Aims of Education

There is a grain of truth to our present malady namely, that our educational system has failed us! The answer must be “yes” and this modern day education system has in fact, failed the whole world. The world has built many colleges and universities, yet we have no peace because what we consider education is […]

The Primary Purpose of the University is to Develop and Cultivate Critical Thinking

There is no doubt that the subjects of Liberal Arts education, such as Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Sociology, Anthropology, etc, – the Humanities as a whole – is the branch of knowledge that specifically deals with the study of what makes us human. Hence, the value and importance of a Liberal Arts education! In the words […]

The Aim of Politics is Ethics and Virtue, the Promotion of the Individual Self Worth and the Common Good

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle This humble paper is a counter-thesis to the prevalent negative and pessimistic view that there is no ethics in politics and that the idea of the ancient Greeks concerning politics is not applicable in our society or in […]