Why The Words “Filipino” and “Porn” Go Together

This post builds on something I said in a post on my personal online journal, “PPP Is Really Pinoy Poverty Porn” and recent news saying that the National Telecommunications Commission will soon be requiring ISPs to implement carrier grade monitoring programs in compliance with RA 9775 or the Philippine Anti-child pornography law. Formally defined, porn or […]

God does not work FOR us

Joining our Muslim “kababayans” reflecting at the eve of Eid ul-Adha was most relevant for me. If it was a test of faith for Ibrahim/Abraham to surrender a beloved son, whose birth came to him when he was more than 80 years old; For Filipinos, it’s been the most trying months for our country devasted […]

MMDA’s Proposed Ban and Bane

People are outraged by MMDA’s proposed number coding scheme that is set to ban vehicles plying EDSA for two days instead of one. While the movement seems like a legitimate effort to curb vehicle volume, perhaps the same has not been well thought and apparently costing the administration some points especially with the upcoming SONA. […]

Laguna Copperplate Inscriptio

Filipinas or Pilipinas? What is in a name?

Filipinas or Pilipinas? While this issue has kept the social media abuzz and has given the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) the attention they want, changing the name without the proper understanding of “What is in a name?” will promote nothing but another superficial change. The proposed name change is said to help invoke a […]

Tax season na! It’s raining P****g I*a!

May kapatid akong tumatangis na tax computation/adjustment month na naman at masama ang loob dahil wala naman siyang nakikitang kapuna-punang pagbabago o maramdamang magandang serbisyo mula sa gobyerno. Kaya ang tanong niya saan napupunta ang binabayad niya? Sabi ko dapat sa debt servicing, infrastructure, public and social services pero  “paramount” sa lahat, ay ang sosyal […]

Unclogging the Commercial Bottlenecks

Get Real Post blogger Ilda wrote an article about manufacturing as a potential economic driver for the Philippines. And as it turns out, economists tuned in to the Philippine economy has the same thing in mind. Filipino chipmakers must graduate to assembling iPads while churning out Oscar-winning animation to generate more jobs and sustain economic […]

The fallacy of Filipino composition

In the strictest sense of the term, the fallacy of composition is a logical fallacy where one asserts that what is valid for one part will be good for the whole. To illustrate this with an example, let’s imagine you are watching a concert while sitting down. To get a better view, you stand up. […]

20 Reasons I Hate (and Love) the Philippines

Firstly, I think it’s better named “20 things to dislike in the Philippines.” It’s supposed to complement the video “20 Reasons I Love the Philippines” by the same director, Michael Goodman. Both videos are supposed to show the pros and cons of the Philippines from a foreigner’s viewpoint. Rather than a mere aimless criticism, the […]