Happy and independent, is the Filipino?

How timely! A triumphant Fil-Am donning the PH flag-at-war during the 28th SEA Games in Singapore! Whoever stitched that on, must have been inspired by the honest mistake of the website of the Office of the President’s in May 2011! Ah this “wardrobe malfunction” just makes me go on a throwback on a May 2011 […]

Is the Philippines of any value to the rest of the world?

Imagine for a moment that the Philippines was suddenly swallowed up by the seas leaving no trace of it, its culture, and its people. Then ask yourself this question: Will the rest of the world miss the Philippines? What a confronting question, right?! It may be true, of course, that the Philippines is a source […]

You Can Follow The Flag Or The Yellow Ribbon Not Both

    You can stand alone Or with somebody else Or stand with all of us, together If you can believe In something bigger than yourself You can follow the flag forever They say it’s just a dream That dreamers dreamed That it’s an empty thing that really has no meaning They say it’s all […]

Hypocritical respect

Is this an honest mistake or a subliminal message from the Office of the President based on PNoy’s warning to China regarding the disputed Spratlys? To quote: ““We may not have the capabilities now, but that might force us to increase our capabilities also,”? Or is this a message that the PNoy administration is dead […]