Mass national disruption as APEC Manila 2015 circus comes to town!

Everything is such a huge drama in the Philippines. The coming Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) is no exception. It promises to effect immense disruption across a vast swath of Philippine society — which makes the very hosting of this forum by the Philippine government quite ironic. Economies rise and fall on the back of […]

Annoyed by Anti-Monopoly Policy, PAL Puts Airport Plans on Hold

In a press briefing last week, Philippine Airlines (PAL) President and CEO Ramon S. Ang announced that the airline’s plans to construct a $6 billion airport as an alternative to the outdated and overcrowded Ninoy Aquino International Airport were being put on hold. According to the Philippine Star (which still insists on calling the privately-owned […]

Airbus in $7bn deal to supply aircraft to PAL

European aviation giant Airbus has won a $7bn dollar deal to supply Philippine Airlines (PAL) with more than 50 aircraft over the next five to seven years. PAL, whose management had recently been taken over by San Miguel Corporation (SMC) after it bought a 49% stake in the airline is undergoing a massive re-fleeting program […]

Off Loading Tells You ‘We Don’t Care’

In the past twelve months, I flew to Laoag, Masbate, Legaspi, Kuala Lumpur, Zamboanga and Cagayan De Oro. My favorite carrier of choice then was Air Phil because of their low fares. Unfortunately, this changed when my pop-up display booths were off-loaded when I took an Air Phil flight to Zamboanga last December 2011. This […]

Exciting times ahead for Philippine Airlines!

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) is up for a long-overdue $500 million to $1 billion fleet modernisation program following full takeover of management control by San Miguel Corporation (SMC). SMC had recently acquired 49 percent of publicly-listed PAL Holdings which gives SMC an indirect 40 percent stake in Philippine Airlines. SMC president Ramon S. Ang […]

Reality bites for prosecution as evidence gets thrown out

Defective. Trash. These are the words that the prosecution cannot seem to understand. They are the words Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile uttered in anger after the prosecution desperately pleaded for the testimony of Philippine Air Lines (PAL) vice president for sales Enrique Javier to be accepted as part of Article III in the impeachment […]

The PALEA Assault on the Filipino People

I have been following the bizarre drama of Philippine Airlines, “the world’s most entertaining air carrier”, for nearly a year as it has struggled mightily – and at times, comically so – towards implementing an outsourcing plan which PAL hopes will turn its financial fortunes around. The sticking point throughout the whole sorry saga has […]