Filipinos should junk the 1986 People Power narrative in order to TRULY progress

It’s time Filipinos pause, step back, take stock, and ask: What is really going on here? If one would attempt to answer that question using the common frame of mind with which Filipinos have coocooned themselves within, the responses would be unsurprising, quite trite, and peppered with certain key words prevalent in mainstream discourse today: […]

The Philippines contributes nothing but its VICTIMHOOD to the South China Sea crisis

Read articles about the South China Sea conflict on foreign media sites like Bloomberg, TIME, CNN, the BBC, and even Singapore’s The Straits Times, and you will find the real major players in the flashpoint mentioned liberally — China, the United States, and Japan. Perhaps even Vietnam. What is notable about international media coverage of […]

Is there hope in reforming the lazy presidency of President Noynoy Aquino?

In a statement marking the 30th Anniversary of his business forum, consultant Peter Wallace pretty much delivered an indictment on the very essence of the capital base of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III’s political power — popularity. In calling on BS Aquino to make “tough, unpopular decisions”, Wallace is essentially offering the antithesis to […]

Focus on retribution by the Aquino Government had undermined both the economy and institutional governance

Why the focus and circus around retribution while more pressing and forward-looking initiatives like growing the economy, for one, languish at the bottom of media hyping priorities? It could be because Filipinos are culturally predisposed to being retrospective rather than prospective in the way we think. Back in 2009 just as the campaign of then […]

Noynoy Aquino does not work hard for the money

I read somewhere that people with high I.Q.’s tend to stay up late and get up later in the mornings. That article explained why: “…intelligent people are infamous for burning the midnight oil to cram for tests, write papers, touch up those earnings reports, etc.” and “…it’s primarily the smarties who prefer to habitually stay […]