Gwendolyn Garcia may have Pedro Calungsod on her side but Noynoy is still Chief of the Armed Forces

Flawed in its execution or not, Malacañang had come out locked and loaded when it ordered Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia suspended for alleged “grave abuse of authority” on the 19th December 2012. Yet ten days later, what could’ve been a clean strike has turned into a quagmire. What’s the big delay anyway? If the government […]

Call to action: Sayaw Pinoy, sayaw

You can easily tell that Filipinos aren’t a very reflective people. Go to any public place — a mall, a department store, a train station — or take a ride in a public utility vehicle like a bus or jeepney and chances are your senses will be assaulted by loud monotonously-throbbing music punctuated by tacky […]

‘God must really love the Filipinos’

Nowadays, it seems like the Roman Catholic Church is getting a long-overdue media boost, what with the recent canonisation of new Filipino saint Pedro Calungsod and the elevation to Cardinal of Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle by Pope Benedict XVI. Filipinos in their renownedly short attention spans have lapped it all up. Nothing like good […]

Pedro Calungsod – yet another Filipino saint Filipinos can look to for miracles

I read recently that we have another Filipino saint queued for canonisation by the Roman Catholic officialdom in the Vatican. Blessed Pedro Calungsod is a 17th Century Visayan martyr whose bid to be the second Filipino saint is “now a certainty” by virtue of a papal decree made last week according to an report. […]