What Could Go Right With Manila Bay Reclamation

One thing that could go right for Manila Bay Reclamation is that it could pave the way for a new start, without the burden and limitations of a once glorious past that will never be reclaimed. Reclamation is actually a part of a plan for Manila’s growth that was started by the Americans when they […]

The “Save” Brand of Environmentalism: Sunsets, Trees and Unicorn Poop

Environmentalism is a creed of mysticism. While it often tries to display a veneer of science, it in fact rejects reason and science. It regularly makes claims that are divorced from any objective evidence. – In Moral Defense of Forestry, Peter Schwartz. Posted in Ayn Rand Center, January 28, 2000 The Tree Huggers in Baguio and […]

The Rise of Syndicated Environmental Advocacies

Nope, this won’t be another 2,000 word entry just about Saving Manila Bay or Saving Baguio Pine Trees, I think people have had enough of that for now. It’s a Saturday morning in the Philippines.  The sky is bright baby blue, the air is cool, birds are chirping in the yard, one of my house […]

“Hakot” Crowds at the February 12 Manila Bay Synchronized Sunset Viewing

The February 12 Manila Bay synchronized sunset viewing was a success in the sense that hundreds of people turned up to show just how misinformed they were. One picture says it all, really. Simply put, the site of the proposed Manila Solar City development will rise on the CCP side of the bay and at […]

Paulo Alcazaren’s Artistic License Ought to be Revoked

For Driving Counterflow On the Logic Lane I am a fan of Paulo Alcazaren and I love the pictures of Old Manila that he keeps posting as part of a long running quiz he calls “MMM”. There’s a lot one can learn about design when you look at the pictures he posts.  Even if you […]

Doubt Those Who Cast Fear, It’s Damaso’s Ghost Speaking

Fourth In A Series on Manila Bay Reclamation Before we continue with Part Two of JP Fenix’s article on reclamation, I’d like to note a couple of articles that came out in the news today dispelling what it claims to be misinformation being spread on the Manila Bay Reclamation. Manila Bay Reclamation Contractor Answers Critics […]