The Gods And Demons Of The Lemming: A Fable About Idolatry

Like I said before, I know that a lot of you are probably tired of my constant ranting here on GRP so perhaps you’d be more willing to listen to another story instead in a similar vein to Bob Ong’s Alamat ng Gubat and George Orwell’s Animal Farm… *** Once upon a time, in an island where beasts […]

The Princess And The Prostitute: A Sermon On Stigmas And Superficial Personalities

This is my reaction to ChinoF’s latest article about a lot of people, especially here in the Philippines, who simply latch on to another person’s personality and assume that they are either all good or all bad as well as a way to express my disgust towards the people who are comparing Maria Clara to […]

How Our Apathy Is Destroying Our Country: A Friday Parable

Apathy, the mindset and act of simply not caring. It’s not so much an act of spite but an act of obliviousness. In fact, according to one quote, the opposite of love is not hate because even when you hate someone, you still think about them, right? However, when you’re apathetic towards someone, you simply don’t know and don’t […]