Filipino hipsters unite around #CoronIsNotBikiniBottom to rail against Nickelodeon’s Palawan plans

The Philippines is not exactly among the most pristine tropical island destinations listed in most tourist brochures. Why? Because of a lot of things owing to Filipinos’ renowned Reverse Midas Touch syndrome. Look no further than how Manila, the country’s premiere metropolis, is managed. Decrepit public utility buses and jeepneys belch toxic black smoke as […]

What The Hague?! Philippines helped China build structures on disputed islands in the South China Sea

I first read it on some obscure website months ago. Knowing that one has to be careful about what one reads online nowadays, I waited for mainstream media to pick it up before taking it seriously. Unfortunately, it has taken years before they did. Just this week, Philippine mainstream media finally publicised reports about how […]

Animal fetish: Frozen pangolin in Chinese fishing boat seized in Philippine waters off Palawan

On top of the damage a Chinese fishing vessel had caused on World Heritage-listed Tubbataha Reef off Palawan in early April, Philippine authorities have reportedly made a striking discovery in the ship’s cargo hold — hundreds of frozen anteaters or pangolins. All eight species of the pangolin are considered to be in danger of extinction […]

Drilling in Recto Bank gas field possibly set back by Trillanes adventurism

When it comes to China, money is the primary currency of any kind of negotiation. And in light of the big tiff between Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and “Senator” Antonio Trillanes IV, the cast of characters is a lot bigger and includes one of the Philipines’s biggest mining companies, Philex Mining Corporation, and its […]

Bourne Legacy shoot in Manila highlights Filipino condition

Apart from being the first big-time Hollywood production to shoot in the Philippines in a long time, Bourne Legacy which stars Jeremy Renner in the lead role along with Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton will be the first mega-budget Hollywood blockbuster film to actually feature the Philippines as part of its storyline. Despite the Philippines […]

Palawan’s Underground River: Winner by Hive-Mind

When I heard that the Puerto Princesa Underground River was included in the provisional listing of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the first thing that came into my mind was the Borg. In the Star Trek science fiction series primarily made for television, the Borg were a villainous cybernetic race with one mind and […]