On The ‘Palamunin’ (Moocher) Attitude Of Pinoys

“I reckon that if you don’t learn to feed yourself and rely only on others to spoonfeed you, some people will start feeding you crap and you’d be none the wiser!” ~Grimwald’s Gandmother 25 years ago Hi everyone, I’m Thaddeus Morvacle Grimwald and I was once a spoiled brat. There, I admitted it. See, almost thirty […]

Filipinos should stop believing in Magic

What a word: magic. In Grimwald’s article about the subject of positive thinking, esteemed commenter Sea Bee dropped this little gem of a thought: …despite 500 years of colonization, Filipinos still believe in the aboriginal concept of magic. There is widespread belief in fairies and encantos. Telenovelas who subject is the fairy world are wildly […]

Wendy’s Salad Bar is back, Pinoy lamon mentality along with it!

I know I’m a bit slow to the news but I heard that Wendy’s infamous salad bar has returned. Yeah that was a relic of the 1990s reincarnated! I remember as high school kids pigging on that and the occasional all-you-can-eat offering Pizza Hut would come out with every now and then. Unfortunately I wasn’t […]

Winning, heroism and the palamunin mentality in Philippine society

Keen observers of the Filipino Condition had long ago collectively agreed to put a word to the concept: palamunin. The word encapsulates many aspects of Philippine culture encompassing its renowned mendicancy, lack of foresight, heritage of smallness, victim mentality, false hope, and anti-intellectual values. Indeed, the most disturbing aspect of Philippine society is the way […]