Duterte’s State of the Nation Address July 24, 2017 — what needs to be said

Duterte will be coming to the podium to address a joint session of Philippine Congress riding on the crest of high approval ratings after one year of service. As such, he possesses the immense political capital that is required to push through an agenda that, as has been evident, is unpopular not with the ordinary […]

Cultural Renaissance: The Cost of National Salvation

Many of our detractors often call out GRP for being “negative” and for not offering any suggestions that could help the country. If so, this is mostly because many of us writers are actually hoping that you, our readers, can figure it out for yourselves. Unfortunately, this is most certainly not the case for many […]

Patronage politics will ruin the Philippines just like it ruined President Noynoy Aquino

The question of what is wrong with the Philippines has baffled both Filipinos and foreigners alike. Some say that corruption and incompetence in government is the root of the problem. Others say that the voters who keep voting for corrupt and incompetent politicians are to blame. Either way, the real reason the country has not […]

Police chief Alan Purisima in utter denial of the Philippines’ crooked police force

If it weren’t for all the “positive thinkers” that inhabit social media, one would see the reality for what it is: the Philippines is on the verge of anarchy. Perhaps it already is in a state of anarchy. But it is a strange kind of anarchy — one where the peace (by Third World standards […]

Senator Enrile accuses Senator Cayetano of having no ‘utang na loob’

Is there any politician who is not indebted to Philippine Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile? Okay, let us limit it to the Senate. Is there any senator who is not indebted to him? It seems Enrile has the goods on every Senator and he appears to be in the habit of using personal information against […]

Reports say Filipinos are sad and depressed in the Philippines

A 2012 World Happiness Report has reportedly ranked the Philippines “among the least happiest in Southeast Asia, or 103rd out of 155 surveyed countries worldwide.” That bit of news should be as welcome as a skin rash to advocates of the Philippine tourism slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. It could actually lead them […]

Noynoy Aquino does not work hard for the money

I read somewhere that people with high I.Q.’s tend to stay up late and get up later in the mornings. That article explained why: “…intelligent people are infamous for burning the midnight oil to cram for tests, write papers, touch up those earnings reports, etc.” and “…it’s primarily the smarties who prefer to habitually stay […]