‘Disaster preparedness’ has become an oxymoron in the #Philippines

It has been becoming increasingly apparent that “natural” disasters are now a routine occurrence all over the Philippines. The idea that Filipinos ought to be more “prepared” for such calamities — whilst something one would think ought to have been an obvious national priority — is only now resonating across the broader public. To the […]

Is the Philippines ready for an Ebola outbreak?

The death toll is mounting in West Africa as the Ebola virus, which causes an often fatal haemorrhagic fever in its victims, ravages West Africa. The disease is spread amongst humans through blood and other bodily fluids. The world is starting to batten down as fears of the disease spreading beyond the region grows. Governments […]

Lababo in the time of cholera

The province of Catanduanes was recently highlighted in the news due to the prevalence of cholera cases in that area. It seems that starting from January-June in this year 2012 they were able to record approximately 1370+ cases that occurred within the said time period. Holy crap! If you do the math, that’s on the […]