My views about Music (And how commercialism ruined it)

Filipino music became a topic in the GRP Facebook group some time ago. The argument was about what is real OPM (Arche’s post already discussed it, and I prefer the term be dropped), so some say only native or indigenous music is “original,” while others insist modern music is original even if it copies or […]

‘I Do Bidoo Bidoo’ – can it help revitalize Filipino entertainment?

“I Do Bidoo Bidoo: Heto nAPO Sila!” is making waves within the Filipino media scene as a must-see movie. I myself watched it just recently. To give the readers an idea of what it is, it’s very simple. If you guys know the movie “Mamma Mia”, the concept is exactly the same. The actors suddenly […]

Kuh Ledesma and the Decay of OPM

Confirming the decaying state of Original Pinoy Music (OPM), Filipino recording artist Kuh Ledesma called for the limitation of the number of foreign artists visiting the Philippines to promote their respective labels. In a recent interview with, the Pop Diva pointed out that because we are a small country with limited resources, our local […]