A Lament For OFWs

Just recently, one of my best friends has now moved to Singapore with his wife and hopes to make a decent living there as an engineer. My heart goes out to him and his wife and I hope that they have a prosperous life there together while raising their family. However, with everything that’s happened […]

How do OFWs really follow simple rules abroad?

Generally OFWs, a few days before their flight, go through a POEA-sponsored seminar known as PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar). In it, I recall, we were briefed of the dos and don’ts of the countries we were going to. Mine then was Doha, Qatar, a Gulf country. One of the advise given us was that, though […]

Filipino Foreign Policies And How They’re Killing Us As A People

Foreigners, at least in the eyes of many Filipinos, seem to have an air of mystery in inscrutability to them. In fact, in some instances, there are even those who ascribe a sense of mysticism to them and see them as either benevolent gods with unlimited wealth or cunning devils with ulterior motives. With the […]

And The Rape Of The Common Filipino By The Yellow Horde Continues…

Ladies and gentlemen, I remember writing an article using rape as a metaphor which didn’t turn out too well. I don’t think I can apologize enough to the people I’ve offended through my misuse of the term “rape”. Unfortunately, with what’s been happening lately, I think I have to use it again and, this time at least, […]

Pagmamahal sa Kahon

Ewan ko lang at pasensya na mga brod kung makakasakit ako ng damdamin, pero akala ko naabot ko na ang sukdulan ng pagka-asar ko sa administrasyon ni Noynoy Aquino. Matagal ko na rin gustong pakawalan ang mga salitang hinahasa ko, pero nagpigil at nagpasensya muna ako kasi baka naman ma remedyuhan ng mga kinauukulan ang […]

Balancing the duty of the Bureau of Customs and the sacredness of the Balikbayan Box

Recently, I heard news about the Bureau of Customs (BOC) intending to open Balikbayan Boxes for inspection. The Manila Times reported in an August 17, 2015 article: “The items [inside the boxes] may as well be considered as smuggled goods for non-compliance with the Philippine Tariff and Customs Code,” Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina said on […]

The Problem with Filipino views about English Speakers

Here’s a certain reaction I heard about English-Speaking Filipinos: “Ha? Bakit tayo nag-i-Ingles? Mayaman ba tayo? (Why should we be speaking English? Are we rich?)” When I also noticed that people always assume I was rich and moneyed, I asked my mom about it and she said, “How could they not? You look white and […]

It won’t be much of a Mother’s day for Mary Jane, Celia and PH

There was an outpour of sympathy from Indonesians and Filipinos for Mary Jane Veloso, days before she had to face her death sentence by firing squad in Indonesia. Mary Jane is a Filipina MOTHER who has been declaring her innocence over a conviction for drug trafficking since Day 1 of her 5-year ordeal. The hashtags: […]