Critical thinking can save the Philippines

University of the Philippines (UP) Professor Gerry Lanuza recently caused an uproar on social media when he was accused of attacking UP summa cum laude biology graduate Tiffany Uy on his Facebook post as being merely a “puppy of her parents” after she was lauded for achieving the highest weighted grade average obtained in the […]

Filipinos see a better future in foreign war zones than in the Philippines

You know a country has really sunk to an unprecedented depth of wretchedness when its own citizens would prefer to remain in a war zone over taking their chances on a return to the “safety” of their homeland. Such is what describes the rather embarrassing situation in the Philippine government’s efforts to repatriate up to […]

Filipinos butthurt over training video depicting yakkety Pinoy nurses!

Is it me, or are Filipino nurses’ egos among the most unhealthy in the world? The recent incidence of Filipino butthurt involves nurses again! This time it is about an “offensive scene” in “It’s a Dog’s World”, a training video that “showed two Filipino nurses gossiping in Filipino in front of an American patient.” Wow, […]

God’s plan for the Philippines: infesting the world with desperate Filipino nurses

The now infamous pronouncement coming from a certain Filipino Catholic bishop that overpopulation is good for Filipinos and the world comes at an interesting time when reports of how some Filipinos working overseas as nurses and caregivers have gone bad. Bishop Gilbert Garcera of the Diocese of Daet, the capital of Camarines Norte, believes overpopulation […]

True Pinoy Pride: Nurse to stay at job despite singing star chance

Now here is Pinoy Pride worth mentioning. Dubai-based nurse Mariella “Yelle” Gutierrez Castro has a chance to take the path to fame. Ms. Castro has recorded two songs in her repertoire under GMA Records, “Bubble” and “Escape.” She proves that she has talent. She can write songs, as well as sing and play instruments. She […]

Education: how big a factor it REALLY is to Philippine national development

Making headline news today and filling the columns of the opinion sections of mainstream media are laments (both factual and opined) on the derelict state of Philippine education. According to the Philippines’ Department of Education (DepEd), 27.5 million elementary and high school students marched into schools last Monday. That’s more than the population of Australia […]