Thank you to Star Cinema’s Maria Leonora Teresa for the closure!

It suddenly now makes sense to me! I’ve always had this song that kept ringing out from childhood memories in my head that sort of went “maria-nora-teresaaannnaaaaa”. All I knew about it is the melody that accompanies it and that it came from a 1970s movie where Tirso Cruz III sang it to Nora Aunor. […]

Deeply mysterious: Philippine President BS Aquino’s veto of Nora Aunor’s National Artist bid

Strange that a government that gives the time of day to the adolescent rants of has-been starlets like Lani Mercado, wife of embattled Senator Bong Revilla (who languishes in prison awaiting trial for alleged pork barrel thievery), would suddenly invoke that all-too-familiar Filipino-style debate-ender when it came to explaining why it had reportedly “snubbed” popular […]

Jojo Binay or Kris Aquino may be president in 2016 – but it really does not matter

The next presidential elections is still more than two years away but Filipinos are already looking to 2016 for that anticipated cool change. It’s not that the current term under President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III can be described as hot. Far from it. The Second Philippine Reich can be considered more of a protracted […]