The Philippines – a misfit among misfits

We should be careful about how we assure ourselves of the righteousness of the “side” we take in the world order. Today’s scoundrels may be tomorrow’s saints; today’s heroes, tomorrow’s goats; and today’s winners possibly tomorrow’s losers. Raul Pangalangan of the makes his judgment on the position the Philippines takes on the China Nobel […]

Justin Bieber and the reason Filipinos kiss Chinese ass

To be fair to this sad group of volcanic islands collectively known as the “Philippines”, even the mightiest nations on the planet kiss Chinese arse. I’m, of course referring to this whole “debate” around whether or not we should be attending what’s-his-name’s Nobel “Peace” Prize awarding ceremony in Oslo, Norway. There’s talk about this decision […]

Nobel Prize Award: Why China’s economic rise can help the Philippines

Who are your friends? “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” If recent events are any indication, it seems that the Philippines has now shifted its alliance to the left. In a surprising move and for reasons unclear, the Philippines, under the watch of the Aquino government has snubbed […]