In One with the Gezi Park Resistance: I am also a ‘capulcu’ in solidarity to the Turkish People

This is a response to the call of the eminent and radical American Professor Noam Chomsky with regard to his call to the world to support the Turkish Resistance/Occupy Movement. I overwhelmingly concur with the great professor in his stern condemnation of Turkey authorities’ brutal police crackdown on protesters who merely are denouncing the demolition […]

My sympathy to all victims of bombs, violence, aggression and imperialism and US Global Domination

While doing my usual virtual activity to my surprise and amusement, I run across an article from the so-called The Society of Honor by Joe America maliciously entitled “Sympathy to the Boston Bomber?” criticizing my article “The Boston Bombing and the US government’s history of mass murder” posted by GetReal Philippines.COM on April 19th. Let […]

The Significance of Social Sciences in Education, the University and the making of the Intellectuals

There is no shadow of doubt that the social science subjects undeniably played a vital and pivotal part in harnessing the full potentials of our young. It is precisely through these courses that they broaden their horizons and widen the sphere of their mental grasps. It is also incontestable that the most suitable place for […] in bed with SMART in social media promo

What exactly is the mission of “social news network” organisation Is it to inform the public? Or is it to make news? I read about the most recent event it organised at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) campus, “the 7th leg of its “Social Media for Social Change Chat Series” today”, […]