The REAL reason Marcos and Martial Law issues will remain unresolved

A discussion on Marcos and the Martial Law years inevitably results in someone making a comparison between Marcos and World War II-era Nazi Germany. Oftentimes, parallels are drawn, such as the use of propaganda, the culpability for hundreds of thousands who lost their lives, etc. Perhaps, most strikingly, the two are often put side by […]

Indeed, the REAL issue is not the Philippines — it is Filipinos

Indeed, the Philippines is a wild trail that needs to be negotiated. And as experienced trackers and wilderness negotiators will point out, navigating a wild trail is not for the faint-hearted and dimwitted. You need brains, you need stamina, you need guts. Do Filipinos have any of those virtues? Well now, don’t get us started. […]

The one and only CORRECT SOLUTION to the profound dysfunction that hobbles Philippine society’s march to prosperity

[It is time we dug up and presented some of the most ancient scripture from GRP’s antiquity to demonstrate the unparalleled consistency and stability of the conceptual framework that underpins “getrealism”. GRP’s Solution Framework has withstood the test of time and remains the birghtest beacon of real hope in a society starved of insight to […]