MNLF head Nur Misuari is the Janet Lim Napoles of the Zamboanga crisis

The root issue in the on-going trouble down under in Mindanao is the way the Philippine government has traditionally cozied up to even the meanest and baddest terrorist and rebel groups “for the sake of peace”. Currently, it is the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) that is being painted as the bad guy, and rightly […]

Thomas Van Beersum learns what getting in trouble in a Third World nation is REALLY like

Poor Thomas Van Beersum. He now stands as a shining lesson to Western Europeans of what it means to get in trouble in a Third World country half a planet away. Beersum is a Dutch activist who made headlines after participating in a protest rally during the delivery of the State of the Nation Address […]

PCGG throws in the towel

My compliments to Andy Bautista for his honest assessment of the PCGG today, in spite of his efforts to revamp the same and revitalize the hunt for the vast remainder of Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth. Like most government agencies in the Philippines, the PCGG has been corrupted to the core and has indeed become the Marcos’ […]

Conrado de Quiros is a proud communist

Here we go. The ol’ “if you haven’t gone to the mountains to fight…” card has been played by “columnist” Conrado “Noynoy is Aragorn” de Quiros. Apparently de Quiros’s feathers were ruffled enough by Senator Joker Arroyo’s eloquent rub… [Conrado de Quiros] has since stuck to Noynoy like a mollusk to a rock and […]