Taboo Topics In the Philippines (And Why We Need To Discuss Them)

“Taboo” a word that can be best amount to “abominable subject matter”. A taboo can encompass a lot of things. From things you would never do to things that you don’t even want to talk about. In our culture, I cannot help but notice that there are just too many taboo topics. Now, I know […]

Why are you so negative? And other frequently asked questions answered

Every now and then, I get asked the same questions I have answered so many times before. I understand that not everyone will see my responses so I have compiled the frequently asked questions with my corresponding answers for everyone’s convenience: 1. When you highlight what is wrong in Philippine society, aren’t you being negative? […]

Denial Syndrome: The Biggest Filipino Big Problem

The Philippines has always been saddled with many problems ever since its inception. Of course, just about every country does after all. However, it becomes more than a little frustrating when so few of our problems have been addressed let alone solve. True enough, modern technology has come to the Philippines in full force, helping […]

Filipinos’ unwillingness to face ‘negative’ FACTS about their society hinders progress

It’s been so long since Filipinos won their “freedom” back in 1986 after the so-called People Power “revolution”. But we are still hard-pressed to agree with one another on whether or not we are really a better country after all that. The trouble is, rather than confront the question head-on, we are, instead, encouraged to […]

Junkies and Pinoys: Why They Aren’t All That Different

While a lot of our critics like to claim that we here at GRP are “negative”, I need to question them about their own perception and just what being “negative” actually means to them. As of late, we have been getting more than the regular comments and arguments against the way we like to criticize the […]

Misrepresented Filipino character: A Look at Historical Figures

A lot of people reacted quite negatively to Fallen Angel’s latest article as well as Marcial Bonifacio’s first article. Their critics claim that they have written things that are overwhelmingly negative and are putting the spirits of Filipinos down. People who only briefly looked through the articles without ever understanding the spirit of them have […]

Pinoy ‘Positive Thinking’ and How It Prevents Positive Change

Everyone these days is blabbing about “positive thinking” as if it’s a new religion of some kind. Well, I guess for some it already is a religion and one that they believe can have beneficial impacts on their lives. I even had a friend who recommended the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, saying that […]

Filipinos need to end their love affair with mediocrity and ‘pwede na yan’ mentality

My views are not very popular with Filipinos. I guess it’s partly my fault because I like posting topics that some might consider taboo and boring. But it’s not like I discuss religion or make fun of other people’s religious beliefs. Granted, I like talking about Philippine politics and society in general but I really […]